Security Risk & Compliance

Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessments

With our integrated capabilities and our unparalleled approach, we provide security risk assessments mitigate and remediate operational, physical, cyber and compliance risks and issues.

we can support you

In this context, we can help you Introduce a security risk management program and support you in:

Setting up the governance, strategy, and processes for effective risk management.

Assessing, analyzing and mitigating Risk.

Setting up relevant controls to prevent or respond to risks.

Provide training and coaching to your teams to help you embed the risk management framework.

Provide an outsourced risk management service to extend your internal teams.

What we offer

Below are some specialised risk domains we can help you with

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

We provide full scope Asset or scenario based cybersecurity risk assessments for internal use or for satisfying external supervising authorities such as Banking or securities and Markets Authorities.


Third Party Risk Management (3RM)

At QuadPrime, our Third-Party Management helps you earn trust in these business relationships.


Threat And Vulnerability Assessments

Independent assessments of threats to assets and vulnerabilities. We can assess any security programme such as security strategies, tactics and measures loss prevention and protection mechanisms for a wide array of assets clients’ people, data, physical and digital infrastructure.


Health & Safety Risk

We help you comply with national legislation and develop systems which ensure the employer’s duty of care is met, protecting the organisation and improving its safety capabilities.

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Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) help you track privacy impacts for new products or services pertaining processing of personal data. A must- have accountability tool to address the risks for your data subjects. Our Certified Data Protection consultants and legal advisors have years of experience and possess a unique multiskill toolbox to conduct assessment of any technology and process you require.