Crisis Communications

Bad news travels fast and in today’s 24-hour media environment it is vital to be prepared and be the trusted source of information about the situation rather than leaks and conjecture via the internet and social networks.

A robust crisis media strategy is key to being able to respond quickly, effectively and honestly via a variety of traditional and digital media to demonstrate that you are doing everything in your power to resolve the issue.

Work with you and your team to improve your existing crisis media plans and ensure your organisation can handle media attention in a crisis.

Devise and set-up a bespoke strategy with everything you and your team need to communicate effectively in a crisis, working alongside your organisation’s Business Continuity Plan.

Practical and interactive seminars aimed at raising awareness amongst staff about their roles and dealing with media during a crisis.

Bespoke media training in-house or in a broadcast studio to prepare those likely to speak on behalf of their organisation, make statements and be interviewed by journalists – particularly when things go wrong.

Desk-top exercises around a crisis to include media elements -such as social media and broadcast interviews -to your Business Continuity and Crisis Media Plans.