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Enable your business to carry on

Unpredictable crises, whether natural or man-made, pose a major threat to organisations’ short and long-term goals. Organisations not only needs to be prepared to respond to these threats but must also have the ability to continue operating uninterrupted should any crises occur.

Today, the organisations’ response capabilities and resilience frameworks are under the scrutiny of regulators and stakeholders. Modern regulations dictate minimum requirements and accountability mechanisms to comply inter alia  how well organisations’ resilience framework is designed, if it is operating effectively, and if is sufficiently robust  to ensure that risks to its operational continuity and the interests of the customers are safeguarded during business disruptions.

Building a modern resilience framework particularly for responding to cyber crises means planning, developing sound response capabilities and practice of personnel, processes, and technology. effectively to the modern cyber crisis requires knowledge, skills and judgment across the entire workforce. However, organizations often lack a way to prove cross functional crisis, and how this plays into wider resilience

Quadprime, will review your existing resilience plans and arrangements to determine its effectiveness and compliance with any regulatory requirements.

We will provide your organisation the tools and foundation it needs to increase capacity to quickly adapt to sudden and significant changes minimise the effects of any crisis.

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We can help with

We provide professional consulting services on Resilience and we undertake the management of Cybersecurity projects in various sectors. We can help with:

Cyber Resilience strategy, policy and organisational structure development


Continuous improvement of recovery capabilities


Analysis of threats and risks associated with your business and stakeholders

Developing comprehensive actions at both strategic and tactical levels to recover critical functions and address legal, social, operational, technological consequences following a major threat


Developing and facilitating effective simulation of response plans and training response teams using test scenarios and field drills​​

Mitigation of incidents to reduce the harm caused

What we offer

We Offer Professional Resilience Solutions


Incident Response

Organisations may not be able to avoid security incidents but they can avoid the aftermath through an effective Incident Response Programme. Cyber risks and cyber-crime threaten an organisation beyond the incident itself. Reputation and stakeholders’ digital trust will be always at stake.


Disaster Recovery Planning

A well thought and tested disaster recovery (DR) plan should is the “life line” of the availability of the critical data vis a vis the continuity of the business of any organisation. 


Business Continuity Management

Manage Business Continuity in a systematic way and gain a valuable competitive advantage, prevent the loss of market share and retain public image and customer confidence. 

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Crisis Management Services

The increasing frequency and intensity of natural and man made disasters and crises poses a major threat to long-term strategic objectives, prospects of growth and cost reduction of many organisations across a large variety of sectors. 


Crisis Communication Services

Bad news travels fast and in today’s 24-hour media environment it is vital to be prepared and be the trusted source of information about the situation rather than leaks and conjecture via the internet and social networks.