Protection & Prevention Services

Physical Security Services

Prepare For The Unpredictable And Make The Right Security Investment
From The Start.

Security today requires strategic thinking to address the complex and dynamic environment of threats.  Organisations must encompass a holistic approach in which security is embedded in the assets they own, the services they deliver and the projects they undertake.

As an independent security consultancy, we adopted an innovative approach to security from the outset.  We address our clients’ requirements with leading integrated services by converging risk security and resilience. Our independence from any product and security integrator and our business centric approach, assists clients in making an informed decision in relation to risk response, in an appropriate and proportionate manner. 

We have a wide portfolio of professional security consultancy services, which balances security strategies, tactics and measures for a dynamic loss prevention and protection of our clients’ people and infrastructure.

We can Help You

We can help you create an effective and integrated security environment with services that include security surveys and vulnerability assessments, master planning, security exercises and capacity development vis a vis training, policy development and review. Below is an example of the range of security services we offer.

Physical Security surveys for company-wide operations and infrastructure

Security Audits – assess loss prevention strategies and on site emergency arrangements

Independent specialised audits of security systems, i.e. CCTV audits

Threat & Vulnerability-based improvement plans to mitigate risks for existing operations or new projects

Development of Security Strategy policies and procedures to cover all aspects of security (personnel, physical assets, traveling, events, information protection) at every function

Gap analysis of existing security measures (physical and electronic) and development of plan to close the gaps

Physical Penetration Testing- Identify potential weaknesses of security systems

Integration of security controls with other existing risk models in the organisation (e.g. Health & Safety)

Security Design for new projects/ facilities