Who We Are

Your business is too valuable to leave it exposed to any risk which is not properly assessed and addressed. 

Information Security Compliance Services

Information security is no longer just an IT issue, it is business issue.

Security Resourcing

Augmenting your internal teams and providing project and cybersecurity management level support.

Quadprime’s CISO as a service helps organizations manage cybersecurity risks and improve their cybersecurity. 

Cyber Security Analyst As A Service

Organisations have recently sought to improve their cybersecurity capabilities, especially in terms of human resources, in order to counter a variety of threats.

We have decades of experience and can become your company’s CIO by providing world-class technology leadership to help you avoid technology gaps. 

Project Management As A Service (PMaaS)

We provide an adaptable consulting service that allows customers to hire project managers on an as-needed basis to complete their projects. 

Cyber risks and cyber-crime threaten an organization beyond the incident itself. 

Business Continuity Management

Business interruptions are more common today as organisations are exposed to an increasing number of internal and external threats.

Crisis Management services

The increasing frequency and intensity of natural and man made disasters and crises poses a major threat to long-term strategic objectives, prospects of growth and cost reduction of many organisations across a large variety of sectors.