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NIS 2 Directive Compliance Consulting

NIS 2 Directive Compliance Consulting -- Critical Infrastructure Security

NIS 2, Directive 2022/2555 on measures for a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union of 14 December 2022, repealed Directive (EU) 2016/1148, and stands as the pivotal framework to fortify the cybersecurity posture of organizations, particularly within the critical and important sectors across the European Union. Aimed at aligning the industry with digital advancements and innovations, NIS 2 addresses the risks associated with the extensive reliance on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This Directive sets out the baseline for cybersecurity risk management measures and reporting obligations across the sectors that fall within its scope.

From the outset, NIS Directive aimed to build cybersecurity capabilities across the Union, mitigate threats to network and information systems used to provide essential services in key sectors and ensure the continuity of such services when facing incidents, thus contributing to the Union’s security and to the effective functioning of its economy and society.

 Given the intensification and increased sophistication of cyber threats, it is essential that all entities within or out of the scope of the Directive should strive to achieve a high level of cybersecurity implement cybersecurity risk-management measures that increase their capacity to respond to security incidents and catastrophic events. Quadprime, drawing upon its extensive knowledge and experience, is at the forefront of assisting organizations in achieving NIS 2 compliance. Recognizing the unique risk profiles of critical infrastructure and other essential entities we have been working with since the first NIS Directive came into force, we offer bespoke advisory, training and technical services to navigate the intricacies of the NIS 2 requirement and ensure organisations in scope achieve the required level of compliance.

Our services in this area include

Regulatory Compliance Support

In accordance with the provisions set out by the Cyprus Digital Security
Authority in Κ.Δ.Π 389/2020, our services are designed to ensure that your operational
resilience framework aligns with the relevant regulatory requirements and you will
achieve the required compliance level.

Risk Identification and Management

We identify and assess risks that could impact your critical business services, including risks from third-party vendors, technological failures, and other external factors. Our approach includes the implementation of effective risk mitigation strategies.

incident Response and Recovery Planning

We develop and refine incident response and recovery plans to ensure that your organization can respond effectively to disruptions and resume critical operations as quickly as possible.


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