Security Risk & Compliance

Health & Safety Risk

Engage Your Organisation In A Health & Safety Culture In Pursuit Of Sustainable Growth

We help you comply with national legislation and develop systems which ensure the employer’s duty of care is met, protecting the organisation and improving its safety capabilities.

Create a culture of “taking care” through behavioural changes and boost employee morale.

Achieve prevention of harm and ill-health caused by hazardous working/facility conditions or work risks, and provide an environment adapted to the physiological and psychological needs of staff and visitors.

Assure peace of mind, not only in terms of legal compliance but in terms of securing a winning workplace.

Our Health and Safety (H&S) services

We deliver innovative, practical and cost saving Occupational Health and Safety (H&S) services:

Occupational H&S Risk Assessment and improvement action plan based on legislative framework

Development of a usable H&S management system to manage risks

Independent assessment of suppliers, subcontractors or venues

Development, implementation and auditing of ISO 45001

Fire Risk Assessments
Detailed Emergency Response action plans, training and drills

Investigation and recommendations on incidents

Integrated training of staff and contractors towards the attainment of safety culture

Ergonomics and wellbeing programmes and initiatives

*Our H&S services are provided by approved person to provide External Services for Protection and Prevention of occupational risks (‘EXYPP’) by Cyprus Labour Chief Inspection Office, according to Cyprus national legislation.