Governance and Risk

Address Uncertainty With A Systematic Approach

Your business is too valuable to leave it exposed to any risk which is not properly assessed and addressed. Feed your company planning and decision-making process with the valuable information obtained from an effective Governance and Risk Management process. Provide stakeholders peace of mind that the full spectrum of organization’s risks are appropriately identified and addressed.  Design an effective governance and risk management framework and develop a systematic risk response to gain the confidence that your business works as planned and organization’s strategic and operational objectives are not undermined by uncertainty. 

Governance and Risk Services
With our integrated capabilities and our unparalleled approach, we provide end-to-end governance, advisory and monitoring solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate operational, physical, cyber and compliance risks and  issues. 

In this Context, we can help you Introduce a risk management program and support you in:

Information Security management systems (ISO 27001) and cybersecurity frameworks

The world’s renowned international standard to follow when setting up and operating a management system that enables the protection of your information assets. Our experience expands over multiple years of work with ISO 27001 family standards, providing assurance and compliance through the development of robust Information Security Frameworks. We are able to provide you with:

Data Protection & Privacy Risk Management

Our data protection and privacy services are at reach to support your efforts to protect critical data assets, respond to risks and make compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) an opportunity to unleash the power of data while at the same time balance people’s privacy.

Our Certified Data Protection consultants and legal advisors have years of experience and possess a unique multiskilling toolbox to support you as follows:

SOC 2 Compliance

The Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reports are intended to help organizations build confidence in their service delivery processes and controls for regulators, clients, and other market stakeholders.  As a security consultancy, we can help you build the desired assurance into your services and products and confidence in your service delivery processes and controls. Our SOC2 readiness assessments and compliance services are at your disposal when you need to comprehensively identify and assess the entire control environment, identify gaps and deficiencies, and require expert technical advice and support to remediate these until the final audit report.  

Third Party Risk Management (3RM)

Ensure that the use of service providers and IT suppliers does not result in unacceptable potential business disruption or negative impact on business performance. Perform due diligence of outsourced services on which your core services are depended on.  

Health & Safety Risk

We help you comply with national legislation and develop systems which ensure the employer’s duty of care is met, protecting the organisation and improving its safety capabilities.

Healthcare Risk

Healthcare organisations are currently going through total transformation with the rate of innovation being faster than ever. The investment in solutions for patient’s record digitization, scheduling, electronic examinations dissemination and Artificial Intelligence driven systems, optimising and enabling more precise and productive operations is higher than ever before.