Funding scheme for Cyprus SMEs to enhance their Cybersecurity

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), in collaboration with the Digital Security Authority (DSA) as the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCC-CY), has announced the launch of a subsidy programme aimed to ensure that SMEs reach a basic level of cybersecurity in order to protect their infrastructures, systems and information. Through the Programme, SMEs will have the opportunity to eventually obtain a Cybersecurity Certification.

Quadprime’s exclusive focus on the security field positions us as a specialized and dedicated provider of services aimed at safeguarding digital assets and information. Our comprehensive range of services such as Penetration testing, awareness and training, Business Impact analysis fall within the NCC-CY subsidised services that eligible SME’s of any size can enjoy. Our services extend from guiding entities through the application process to achieving certification. Our services which are eligible for funding are the following:


▪ Design and implementation services related to Group Policies and other security features of domain controllers and other related equipment.                                              

▪ Services obtained from consultants for training and educating staff on cybersecurity

▪ Cybersecurity incident management systems, consulting and incident response services and products

▪ Development of a Business Continuity Plan                                          

▪ Penetration Testing

▪ Planning and implementation services of policies and procedures    

▪ Consulting Services related to the Business Impact Analysis                    

▪ Design and implementation services of a data privacy policy                           

▪ Consulting services for purposes of analysis and conclusions on the current situation of businesses in cybersecurity matters


Learn more about the subsidy programme here 

Talk to us today. Deadline is coming up soon – 31 January 2024.