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In today’s world of increased digitalisation and interconnectivity the financial sector is at greater risk of information and communication technology (ICT) disruptions, including potentially catastrophic cyber threats. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a legislative framework aimed at enhancing the security of network and ICT systems of organisations operating in the financial sector. It creates a regulatory structure on digital operational resilience, whereby all entities can withstand, respond to and recover from all types of ICT related disruptions. These requirements are homogenous across the EU, with the core aim to prevent and mitigate cyber threats. 

DORA seeks to bring uniform requirements for ICT risk management, incident reporting, digital operational resilience testing, ICT third-party risk management, and information-sharing arrangements. The regulation consolidates and upgrades ICT risk requirements to ensure a high level of digital operational resilience, enhancing the financial sector’s stability and consumer trust.

DORA also aims to reduce regulatory complexity, foster supervisory convergence, and increase legal certainty, especially for financial entities operating across borders. By harmonising ICT risk management practices, DORA helps financial entities minimise the impact and costs of ICT disruptions, ultimately preserving the integrity and efficiency of the financial market.

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How can QuadPrime help you?

QuadPrime, a member of the MAP S.Platis Group, specialises in security and resilience advisory services. We offer customised solutions to help financial firms comply with DORA’s requirements.

QuadPrime champions a resilience-centric approach, partnering with clients to continuously build their capacity to withstand and recover from increasingly disruptive events.
• Seasoned Team: Our team consists of cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in compliance frameworks like DORA and ISO standards.
• Proven Track Record: We have a successful history of helping organisations achieve and maintain compliance with various regulations.
• Understanding of the Specific Regulatory Environment: We provide the seamless integration of DORA within existing Frameworks leading to significant cost savings throughout the compliance process.

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