Disaster Recovery Planning

Why you need a disaster recovery plan?

A well thought and tested disaster recovery (DR) plan should is the “life line” of the availability of the critical data vis a vis the continuity of the business of any organisation. 

The robustness of the disaster recovery plan may determine how much data your organisation will lose during a disaster. Disruptions can lead to lost revenue, brand damage and likely legal repercussions and the longer the recovery time, the greater the adverse business impact.

Quadprime has a long experience with different disaster and emergencies response inter alia natural disasters, physical or man- made disasters, cyber attacks and other disruptive events.

Our team capabilities include development or review of your existing disaster recovery readiness:

Examine your critical operations, third parties reliance, recovery time objectives, allocated resources and interdependencies and suggest those upgrades that will suit your specifics based on applicable requirements and best industry standards.