Security Risk & Compliance

Cybersecurity Programme Management

Cybersecurity Programme Management

We optimise your Cybersecurity programme, facilitate  your decision making and help you make the maximum out of your security investments. In this context we help you set up and optimise:  

What we offer

We Offer Professional Cybersecurity Programme Management Solutions


Cybersecurity Strategy And Governance

Address the most persistent security challenges without loosing sight of your growth agenda through and effective cybersecurity strategy, governance and culture.

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Security Policy Development

At Quadprime, we believe in the importance of the security tone given at the top which defines the culture of the organisation towards security management. This tone is captured in the security policies which govern all security domains. Effective security policies are the compass which navigate the organisation though the security challenges day in – day out. Documented policies and procedures define the intent, the targets and tolerance of the organisation towards protection of assets and at the same time, provide the benchmark for audit and remedial action. Our experts work close with organisation’s teams to design policies tailored to their needs, culture and business objectives.


Security Operations Centre Set Up And Optimisation

Monitoring, detection and alerting are the most critical processes of a security programme. Nevertheless, Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) are the most significant expenses of the security budget and many times even with high spending in such tooling, these critical capabilities are suboptimum. Our experts have set up and worked themselves different tools and platforms so they are able to review your logging, monitoring, and alerting and other elements of your security Operations and optimise the effectiveness of your organisation’s detection and response capability.