Security Risk & Compliance

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We support organisations to develop and strengthen the necessary resources, skills, processes, mechanisms and their abilities to protect their assets and respond to cyber incidents and crises. In a digital and physical challenging operating environment we help you transform security in order to maintain your growth agenda, meet requirements and thrive in a fast paced changing world.

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Training Services

Reviews of incidents caused by terrorism, criminality, commercial espionage, cyber-attacks, protest and other damaging activities reveal they could have been prevented or identified earlier, have been less damaging and resolved quicker. A lack of ‘modern day security governance’ at senior executive and board level has also been identified as a critical factor.

Security Resourcing

Augmenting your internal teams and providing project and cybersecurity management level support. We can extend your internal security teams and equip them with skills and expertise to help you meet various governance and compliance, risk management, and incident response requirements. We can take roles you find it difficult to have in-house and you want to outsource partly or fully.

What we offer

We Offer Professional Security Resourcing Solutions


Chief Information Security Officer As A Service (CISO)

Quadprime’s CISO As A Service helps organizations manage cybersecurity risks and improve their cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity Analyst As A Service (CYSA)

Every business is concerned about protecting sensitive information, therefore firms require security analysts to identify the most effective ways to secure their data and make sure that it remains secure.

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The CIO analyzes how various technologies benefit the business or improve an existing business process and then integrates a system to realize that benefit or improvement.