Business Continuity Management

“…In Preparing For Battle, I Have Always Found That Plans Are Useless But Planning Is Indispensable.”


Business interruptions are more common today as organisations are exposed to an increasing number of internal and external threats. Business continuity planning is the process which build the capability to continue the value adding functions without interruptions or to minimise the impact of an outage or loss. 

Manage Business Continuity in a systematic way and gain a valuable competitive advantage, prevent  the loss of market share and retain public image and customer confidence. 

QuadPrime’s approach towards Business Continuity Planning goes far beyond the simple data recovery from a physical disaster or a cyber threat. A business disaster today is much more complex, requiring decisive response and rigorous testing. Business continuity planning involves a trusted partner to help you manage all possible consequences and elevate your continuity posture. 

We can Help You

​​We can support you in identification of the wide range of threats that impact your organisation and help you synthesise the necessary hard and soft assets to provide effective recovery of your business critical operations.

In this context, we provide professional consulting services on Business Continuity Management planning.

Business continuity management (BCM) strategy, policy and organisational structure development.

Definition and analysis of critical processes and related critical factors (people, response times, systems) through a diligent business impact analysis (BIA).

Analysis of threats and risks associated with the business and stakeholders who impact the business.

Development of comprehensive actions at both strategic and tactical level to recover critical functions and address legal, social, operational, technological consequences following a major disruption.

Develop and facilitate effective simulation of response plans and training of response teams using with test scenarios and field drills.